The world through the eyes of a practicing Realtor

Last night I had to stay awake until midnight to make sure that I followed the strict adherence to the contractual agreement. As Licensed Real Estate agents and brokers we are constantly reminded that we are not allowed to practice law. We do attend many classes in how to determine correct procedure. The contract when written properly has expiration dates. The date on the contract and the subsequent amendments expire at midnight on that expiration date. If an agreement and any changes that are agreed to are not signed before midnight on the expiration date then the contract reverts back to the original agreement. In short any changes made after you have done the inspections and all of your research become meaningless. All of this is because one last initial or signature was not placed on the contact in the contractually agreed upon time limit. So at 11:15 pm I was able to get the necessary signature and proceed to the next step. If I would not have received this signature I would have been forced to cancel the contract to protect the interest on my customer. Thankfully this doesn’t occur very often and I don’t have to answer the phone “thank you for calling Midnight Realty”. Until next time. Matt