Matt’s Mindful Moments

057The word mindful is defined as keeping aware. Are you aware of what going on around you in the world of Real Estate? Are you aware of the current lending climate? These two questions make a lots of cents and dollars. Areas like Sugar Land continue to hold their Real Estate values for many reasons. Proper city planning, zoning, enforcement of neighborhood restrictions and the citizens feeling comfortable and safe.  The City’s good reputation helps fuel growth and development. This also creates opportunity for  business to thrive. That in turn enables upward momentum of Real Estate values. The second question ask about the lending climate. There is no secret that the lenders have placed greater restrictions on borrowing. This creates other  avenues of buying. There are different programs tailored for your individual needs.  For the latest tips on borrowing contact me or one of my preferred lenders. Stayed tuned for more of Matt’s Mindful Moments.

Until next time, Happy Real Estate ventures.