June 16, 2019

Your voice still has a meaningful purpose: Use it

one plus one equals threeThis conversation actually happened between a mother and daughter.

Text message starts with mom:

We are having dinner tomorrow night at a friend’s house come and join us.

Daughter: I told you a week ago that I am busy on that night.

Mother: so you don’t want to see your mother; Fine!

Daughter: No, I have already made plans for that night.

Mother: so you don’t want to spend time with your mother for dinner.

Daughter: (frustrated) No I won’t be able to make it.

Mother: Ok I understand that you don’t want to be with your mother.

Daughter: NO Reply

Perhaps a loose end that may never be tied up. …

Does this sound familiar? Another missed communication. In a world of misunderstandings and errors in perception; why make it harder to understand what you are trying to convey. Pick up the phone and talk. The inflection in your voice will usually say a lot more than the words. What are we all afraid of? If it’s confrontation then let’s have at it. Confrontation can lead to understanding and a good chance at a solution.

Could this potential solution lead to peace of mind?

You may read this and assume I am against texting. Not true, many situations are better served by text. For example, in the real estate business the correct address, the correct appointment time is paramount; therefore texting is more accurate and saves time.

Until next time, Matt

Making it work for new homes

time-is-moneyRecently I was in process of selling a new home. Most people don’t realize that over 70% of new home sales are completed with a Licensed Real Estate Agent. Builders and Realtors usually work well with each other. Another little known fact is that New Home salespeople do not have to have a Real Estate license. They work directly for the builder. It is always nice to have a Licensed Real Estate Agent that has knowledge of the sale of a new homes.

Regarding new home sales it is important to point out what the tax rate is before and after the homestead exemption. In addition it is important to realize that the property tax at the time of sale is based on unimproved property(land only). The lender analysis which is usually in the first quarter of the following year, will base the value of the improved property (house and land). Often the property taxes will increase substantially after the first year.

For example: Land value could be $35,000 for a lot and the house; land could be $300,000. Your tax rate in many areas of Houston is around 2.75%. You multiply the tax rate (after exemptions) to the appraisal district valuation of the property and that is what you or your lender will be billed for each and every year.

When working with the new home sales person it is important for the Real Estate agent to understand how the system works from the builders stand point. A new home salesperson deals with many issues other than just sales. The salesperson is dealing with all of the concerns that people have during the construction of their home. If the salesperson sold ten homes that month they are handling ten families, possibly ten agents and multiple lenders. In addition they are working with the construction superintendent, the municipalities where the homes are located and the people that are above them. In other words they have a full plate. They are often too busy to take care of all of the needs of any particular buyer. That’s where the value of a Licensed Real Estate Agent comes in. As an agent representing the buyer, my concern is for only one buyer.

When you go to a crowded restaurant you can see that they are busy but you still want service. This would be an example of new home sales in our present market. Juggling the needs of all  parties is not always an easy thing to work out. The loan process in today’s world is cumbersome and that’s putting it nicely. The builders have loan payback deadlines. They often work for large corporations that are looking for shareholder profits and are always on the lookout for more land to develop. They are looking at their side.

Not all new home sales are the same. It is important to understand this and work according with each builder to get the most for the customer.

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Happy Folks

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Skeeters Baseball

Live, work and play in Sugar Land, Texas


Home of the Sugar Land Skeeters baseball team

Amazing fowl ball play, realtor/broker Matt Dietz gets some real excitement sitting next to the field. Take a look.

Click here or on the image or link below – what a play!


Property Management

Property management, listen to what your tenants has to say… bla bla bla. To lease a property in our market you need a 14 page lease agreement, a 2 page pet addendum, if there are pets, a 6 page inventory check list and a 5 page application. If the property was built before 1978 you will also need a one page lead base paint addendum and 16 page report on the hazards of lead paint.All of this is designed to fully cover landlord and tenant relationships. This is a binding agreement for both parties to follow. It a tenant pays on time and maintains the property there is usually no problem. The lease agreement come into play when an “issue” arises. When the landlord and tenant disagree, the solution becomes  what does the lease contract say? Unless it is a commercial lease I would say that 80% of tenants don’t read the lease before they sign it. They may look at the term and the amount, but don’t go much further. Tenants have their own ideas on how they are going to do things and how this lease is going to work out. Which leads to the bla bla bla. The most common violation that I see are pets. If there are no pets in the lease agreement, there is a clear remedy in writing for this situation. The landlord is allowed to remove the pets. The landlord did not collect a pet deposit and pet damage can be great. The tenant seems to  justify the reason for having pets. Even though the lease allows for removal of the pets, local law enforcement won’t do it, the animal control people will need some court order or other legal premise to physically remove the pets. If you able to remove the pets, the tenant can and may take you to court.

Paying the rent: Both tenant and landlord have an agreement about where and when the rent is to paid and the amount of rent. The tenant also has their own opinion about this. To avoid paying, the tenant will come up with an infinite number of reasons on why they can’t pay or shouldn’t pay. The landlord or property manager must be clear on all provisions according to the lease. When following the procedures set out in the lease, it is likely that the nonpayment of rent will end up in court. This sounds clear and concise, except each judge has his or her way of doing business in their courtroom. The judge could throw out the case on some notification that he or she deems was done incorrectly. Then you have to start the process over again from the beginning. A lot of time, energy and money go into doing things the right way and a whole lot of bla, bla, bla go into the other.  So the solution is; continue doing things the right way, explain in advance the remedies for violations of the lease and be firm in your resolve to run a profitable business.

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