The Morning Coffee Chat

Have you ever been sitting around the water cooler or the coffee dispenser in the morning before starting work and listen to one of your co workers complain about the horrible Realtor and / or the terrible lender. I am pretty sure that many of you have had  similar experiences. I hear these stories frequently. The answers are often very simple. You or your friends picked the wrong agent and lender. Many of us feel obligated to use our licensed Realtor friend who works at the company or a sibling who has a license to get extra cash. There is nothing wrong with trying to help one another. But when your purchasing one of the biggest investments of your life, shouldn’t you be prudent about how to spend that money? Have your friend or sibling get a referral fee from a full time professional. The full time professional will have no problem doing this and you will not have to listen to endless horror stories at the coffee station. Until next time. Matt