I Remember Sugar Land When

I moved to Sugar Land 25 years ago. The old police station was literally a one horse station. The grocery store had wood floors that were grooved at the checkout line from wear and tear from all those years of usage. The local pharmacy had table and chairs next to the place to pick up prescriptions where people would catch up with each other. In short it was our version of Mayberry. Well fast forward 25 years and there building a new stadium a new sub division and new apartments. There is a lot of concern about that growth. I have heard and seen many people voicing their opinion about growth and weather it is good for us of not. This is a good city and planning has always been a strong suite for this city. Because we have zoning ordinances and deed restricted communities we monitor our growth and development which is in the best interest of all of us. It is difficult for many of us to embrace change and for better or worse change is a constant and occurs daily. So embrace the change, enjoy the new activities and realize that your Real Estate values are staying constant or going up. Enjoy the land of Sugar.

Until next time. Matt