A Glass Half Full, Feng Shui, life lesson

Many of us (me too) have seen a glass half full or half empty. I was attending an open house one day and the agent that was holding the open house kept talking about the great Feng shui of the house. After listing to him speak I couldn’t help myself to state what baloney that was. The glass was half empty. I went on to dismiss his theories one by one. At my conclusion of dismantling his Fen Shui he just shrugged his shoulders and walked off. Another agent who was present pointed out to me that he was not a big Feng Shui believer either buy made a point that I will never forget.  He said perhaps I was right or he was right, what difference did it make as long as the buyer believed it or endorsed it. As I paused to consider the well made point of the second agent a bright light went off in my head. It didn’t matter what I though, I am merely the facilitator of the transaction. If I were to keep my narrow view point of Feng shui I would have not availed myself for an opportunity to sell a home or many homes. When I realized I was cutting off my nose in spite of my face I realized I was the unenlightened one. From that moment forward I became a Feng shui believer. I went on to research and read up on Feng shui and a lot of it is common sense. I will write more about in a future Mindful Moment. Until next time keep an open mind to others view points. Matt