What’s in a name

We all grew up buying products from a name brand. There were no internet avenues to get customer feedback or ratings. If you had a Sears sewing machine you probably had a Kenmore washer. If you bought Heinz ketchup you probably like their pickles too. I will soon be going into my 30th year in Real Estate. I have been licensed under the Realty Executives name for the past 23 years. Recently the Broker owner and The Realty Executives corporation dissolved their franchise agreement. What does that mean to you and for me. In one word, nothing. Here’s why. Like I mentioned I have been at Realty Executives for the past 23 years. In that time I have given out at least 20,000 business cards. promotional data and calendars, all with the Realty Executives Logo. To this day I am asked often and frequently if I am still working at ReMax. I have never worked at ReMax and over the years I have attempted to explain that. In the past 10 years I have given up and when asked if I still work at ReMax, I just say yes. It is easier and non confrontational. My point is that we no longer pay attention to the Corporate branding. We pay attention to results and service. It is ok to ask “what’s in it for me”. With a lot of help I have my own web site and my own logo. I am very happy with this and I hope you will enjoy it with me. So if you don’t remember the company name or logo, that’s ok as long as you remember the quality service you get when you contact me. Thank you. Until next Matt