Your voice still has a meaningful purpose: Use it

one plus one equals threeThis conversation actually happened between a mother and daughter.

Text message starts with mom:

We are having dinner tomorrow night at a friend’s house come and join us.

Daughter: I told you a week ago that I am busy on that night.

Mother: so you don’t want to see your mother; Fine!

Daughter: No, I have already made plans for that night.

Mother: so you don’t want to spend time with your mother for dinner.

Daughter: (frustrated) No I won’t be able to make it.

Mother: Ok I understand that you don’t want to be with your mother.

Daughter: NO Reply

Perhaps a loose end that may never be tied up. …

Does this sound familiar? Another missed communication. In a world of misunderstandings and errors in perception; why make it harder to understand what you are trying to convey. Pick up the phone and talk. The inflection in your voice will usually say a lot more than the words. What are we all afraid of? If it’s confrontation then let’s have at it. Confrontation can lead to understanding and a good chance at a solution.

Could this potential solution lead to peace of mind?

You may read this and assume I am against texting. Not true, many situations are better served by text. For example, in the real estate business the correct address, the correct appointment time is paramount; therefore texting is more accurate and saves time.

Until next time, Matt